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   The Carver College Police Department


Carver College Police Department is an acknowledged police agency as defined under the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Act. Its' powers are outlined in Section {20-8-1} Law Enforcement Powers of Campus Policemen of the Official Georgia Code Annotated. Those duties listed in Section {20-8-1} include the enforcement of the laws of the state Georgia; the preservation of public order; the protection of life and property; the prevention, detention, or investigation of a crime; or any combination there of.

Carver Police Department has six divisions, Patrol, Auxiliary, Training, Criminal Investigations (CID) and Internal Affairs (IAD), and K9. Our department provides daily operational coverage and is present for every on campus Carver College sanctioned events as well as any special event requested by the college president. 

The Carver Police Department was founded by former Police Chief Joseph Woods in March of 2006. Former Chief of Police Woods was Police Chief from March 2006 until June of 2007.


Carver Police Department Chain of Command


R. J. Collins


Chief of Police

Chief R.J. Collins has been with Carver College Police Department since May of 2006.  He began at the rank of Major and was promoted to Assistant Chief in December, 2006.  He was then promoted to Chief of Police in June, 2007.  Chief Collins has been providing public safety as a law enforcement officer for over thirty years. He began his law enforcement career with Atlanta Police Department at the age of twenty. Chief Collins previously served as the Police Chief in Pike County when he was only thirty two years old. He has also worked for various local and state law enforcement agencies throughout his thirty year career, thereby bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience with which to better serve the community. 

M. Nemard 

Assistant Chief of Police

Assistant Chief Nemard began his tenure with the department in January 2010 as an Auxiliary Patrolman.  He has since taken on the responsibilities of maintaining departmental standards and procedures. Assistant Chief Nemard has over 30 years of law enforcement experience and brings extensive experience in the areas of street patrol and narcotics to the department. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant on March 9th, 2011 after displaying his unquestionable leadership abilities. He was promoted to Lieutenant on Oct. 9th, 2014 and then promoted to rank of Captain on May 20th, 2017. Assistant Chief Nemard was promoted to his current rank on October 17th 2019. He has proven and displayed, time and time again, his natural leadership abilities and has become the mentor to other supervisor and officers up and down the chain of command. He's unquestionably a true asset to the Carver College Police Department.

Major  C. Dalton

Training Commander

Capt. Dalton was one of the first police officers hired by the Carver College Police Department and began at the rank of Sergeant. Capt. Dalton is a retired  Georgia State University Police Officer, bringing with him over 35 years of law enforcement experience.  Capt. Dalton was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in November, 2010.  As a state certified training instructor, he has provided the department with an extremely valuable resource.  Capt. Dalton has the primary responsibility to ensure that all departmental training records are properly maintained and updated and that all departmental and state mandated training as well as any specialized training requested by the Chief of Police is properly conducted and satisfactorily completed. Capt. Dalton was promoted to his current rank on Oct. 9th, 2014. 



Lieutenant D. Wilson

Special Events Supervisor    

Lieutenant D. Wilson began with the Department in August 2007 as a Auxiliary Patrolman. Lt. Wilson's constructive demeanor and dependability quickly earned the respect of the command staff and his fellow officers.  Lt. Wilson has over 25 years of law enforcement experience and has worked for other local and state law enforcement agencies. Lt. Wilson was promoted to Corporal on November 15, 2009, taking on the responsibilities of shift supervisor and special events. Lt. Wilson was promoted to Sgt. on May 6, 2011 and then took over as uniform and shift supervisor. Lt. Wilson's has the unofficial title of "Carver Ambassador", for being ever so visible in and around the community.  His dedication and numerous years of unwavering service all while volunteering to work extra hours for special event and holidays to insure coverage and allowing other officers time off to be with their families, was noticed by everyone within the department. Lt, Wilson has an unselfish demeanor with his time and when preforming his daily duties. He always get's the mission accomplished and has been the "go to guy" when time sensitive matters, on or off the campus. The Carver College Police Department is a better organization because of officers like Lt. Wilson.    

Ms. B. Mack


Special Assistant to the Chief of Police

Ms. Mack is the Special Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police. She also holds the position of Admissions Officer for Carver College. Ms. Mack attends all staff, training and other official departmental meetings as directed by the Chief of Police. She has the primary responsibility of keeping the Carver College Police Department aware of all formal college events. Ms Mack is the direct liaison between the student body, administrators, faculty and the Carver College Police Department. Her contributions are an invaluable resource to the Chief of Police and the Carver College Police Department.



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